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CREST is a programme that is designed to help companies and their suppliers uphold the labour and human rights of workers, particularly migrant workers in their operations and supply chains. 

Risks of Modern Slavery In Labour Supply Chains



The issue of modern day slavery remains a major challenge for businesses around the world. The majority of the 25 million victims of forced labour are working in the private sector. 


Four out of every 1,000 people in the Asia-Pacific region are victims of forced labour across multiple sectors. They are making the clothes we wear, harvesting the food we eat and producing the goods we take for granted in our everyday lives. Many of these victims are migrant workers, who leave their homes to travel to large cities, industrial zones and across national borders in search of better employment.






Why are migrants more vulnerable?

‘Migration’ often means ‘opportunity.’ This includes the opportunity to get out of debt and/or poverty, and support family members back home. However, many migrants do not have dequate skills or resources to cope with the inherent challenges associated with migrating for work.

Migrant workers in supply chains are highly vulnerable to poor working conditions, abuse and exploitation or, in the worst case, human trafficking and forced labour.

Limited visibility of the recruitment and migration process, debt incurred due to high costs, and sometimes, regulations in place can limit a migrant worker’s options in finding suitable work. The lack of family support, as well as language and/or cultural barriers can also exacerbate a person’s vulnerability.  

The way a person enters the migration process can also limit their options when finding suitable work: Irregular migrants and victims of trafficking are particularly vulnerable to exploitation.








Increasingly, companies are under pressure to demonstrate that the goods and services they produce are free from slavery and human trafficking. Failure to do so can lead to reputational damage, financial losses, and possible legal action.  



Conversely, proactive approaches to ethical recruitment and supply chain management can lead to a stronger and more motivated workforce, and facilitate better recruitment of migrant workers. 

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