Training workshops themed case management in assistance for returned victims of trafficking in persons (VoTs)

Within August, IOM in coordination with the Department of Social Vice Prevention (DSVP), MOLISA Vietnam has organised 02 training workshops themed “case management in assistance for returned victims of trafficking in persons (VoTs)” on 15 – 16 in Quang Ninh and 23 – 24 in Can Tho. 56 social officials from the provincial DSVPs, social centres, victim assistance centres and functioning agencies across the country participated in the workshops. At the events, the trainees were provided with fundamental definitions and procedures in case management in conjunction with essential skills to effectively perform a case management in full and thereby, facilitate the assistance to the returned victims of trafficking in persons.

The workshops also offered opportunities for the attendees to bring up and discuss their challenges in approaching and supporting the returned VoTs. The collation of the pre- and post- tests indicated that the majority of the participants have got a grip on the provided knowledge and skills. Notably, the proportion of trainees who fully understand the case management process has almost doubled - from 50% before to 95% after the workshops.

The two workshops are in the centre of the project on government capacity enhancement against trafficking in persons jointly carried out by IOM and DSVP with the funding from the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration under the U.S Department of States.