TMSV - School outreach events on safe migration and human trafficking prevention in Quang Ninh

On November 23 and 24, the International Organization for Migration and the Women's Union of Quang Ninh organized school outreach events to raise awareness for students about safe migration and human trafficking prevention at Hoanh Bo High School and Quang La High School in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh. 

At the events, a provincial police officer provided the students with basic information about the situation of trafficking in persons and irregular migration across the border in Quang Ninh; the causes and consequences of human trafficking and measures to prevent it. 

The students also did research into human trafficking and made skits on the current situation   and then gave advice to their fellows on how to protect oneself from human trafficking. 

Nguyen Lan Chi, a 12th grader at Quang La High School, Quang Ninh, shared: “Thanks to the event, now I understand that anything that is unsafe and illegal will have unfortunate consequences. Therefore, one needs to think carefully and remains alert. Do not expect too much on the promised land otherwise you might put your own life in danger, which might affect your family and the society as well." 

This activity is a part of the behaviour change campaign within the project “Tackling Modern Slavery in Viet Nam” (TMSV).