Addressing Climate Change and Migration in the Mekong Delta

Duration: February 2011- January 2012

Location: Mekong Delta-Vietnam, Vinh Long Province

Partners: Vinh Long Union of Friendship Organization (VLUFO)

Climate change, related disasters and resulting population movements figure among the most serious challenges Viet Nam may face in the future. The Mekong Delta region remains particularly vulnerable, and recent studies found that if sea water levels rise by one meter, up to one third of the Mekong Delta, and a quarter of Ho Chi Minh City could be submerged. As an area with ongoing high levels of out-migration, the Mekong Delta region will be particularly affected by climate change. As the negative effects of climate change will become more severe, it is expected that out-migration will become even more frequent.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the Vietnamese government’s efforts to address the consequences of climate change on at-risk communities

The first proposed activity is to support livelihood of vulnerable communities in Vinh Long province by supporting a small-scale infrastructure project to be implemented in cooperation with Vinh Long Union of Friendship Organization (VLUFO). Another component of the project aims at strengthening the strategic position of IOM Viet Nam in the field of Climate Change and Migration. IOM envisages working in cooperation with local partners to identify and implement strategies to best adapt to climate change and manage internal migration driven by environmental factors.