IOM Viet Nam COVID-19 Response

The pandemic is no longer just a global health crisis with mobility dimensions but also a social and economic crisis that is impacting on the most vulnerable people, including migrant workers and their families. IOM Viet Nam is monitoring border movements and providing assistance to migrants and the Government of Viet Nam. IOM Viet Nam continues to update information about COVID-19 response in the area of migration.





POE officials trainedMasks, gloves and
other PPE distributed
People oriented on
safe migration
People provided with
protection assistance


COVID-19 Response Summary


IOM Viet Nam Situation Report (July 2021)

The summary provides a snapshot of major response efforts undertaken by IOM Viet Nam.


IOM Viet Nam COVID-19 Resources


COVID-19 information page for Vietnamese migrants living in the United Kingdom

With the assistance from IOM Viet Nam, IOM United Kingdom (UK) has created a webpage to provide information for Vietnamese migrants living in the UK on COVID-19 pandemic, prevention measurements, and relevant UK regulations such as employment and welfare.

Click the link below for more information.

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Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials

IOM Viet Nam has developed IEC materials to help migrants with prevention measures and safe migration information in the context of the pandemic.

Safe migration in the times of COVID-19 pandemic: Tiếng Việt

Public advices on prevention measurements: Tiếng Việt

Guidance on prevention measurements in workplace: Tiếng Việt

How to wash your hands properly: Tiếng Việt

How to wash your hands using hand sanitizer: Tiếng Việt

IOM Recruiter Rapid Assessment: Upholding the rights of migrant workers during COVID-19

As the first COVID-19 multi-country rapid assessment with labour recruiters in the Asia region, the findings in this report provide a snapshot of the pandemic’s initial impacts on the international labour recruitment industry in South, East, and South-East Asia. Importantly, the report provides an analysis of gaps and barriers in protection of migrant workers exposed by the pandemic, together with recommendations for key actors to better safeguard migrant workers in times of crisis.


Guidance for Employers

This document developed by IOM is designed to offer preliminary guidance to employers to enhance their response to the current health crisis, in particular, to offer advice to establish effective protections for migrant workers in employer operations and supply chains.


Guidance for Labour Recruiters

During the current global health crisis, labour recruiters play an essential role in protecting migrant workers and ensuring essential services have the staff they need to provide elevated levels of care.  The document offers preliminary guidance for recruiters to enhance their response.


Country profile: Japan’s regulations in response to COVID-19

Japan is one of the top destinations for fixed-term contracted Vietnamese workers. In response to the Covid 19 pandemic, Japan has adopted regulations to support its residents and prevent the spread of the virus. To help migrants navigate easily, IOM has summarized regulations related to health and immigration in Japan.

The infographic is provided in both English and Vietnamese.

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Country profile: Republic of Korea’s regulations in response to COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to movement restrictions and stricter border control in many countries. The Republic of Korea (ROK) is no exception. The government of ROK has issued regulations on visas, re-entry, and arrival procedures for long-term and short-term visitors in response to the pandemic.

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Country profile: Regulations issued by the Taiwan Province, People’s Republic of China in response to COVID-19

The infographic is provided in both English and Vietnamese.

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