Assisted Voluntary Return

Duration: Ongoing

Location: Throughout Viet Nam

There are a number of migrants in irregular status in the United Kingdom, some of whom are Vietnamese. IOM in Viet Nam works with the IOM Office in the UK, and the Government of the United Kingdom, to implement the reintegration component of a return programme for those who return home to Viet Nam voluntarily. This project assists returnees in a number of ways including providing initial funding for micro business start-up, and funding further education and vocational training. The primary aim is to help returnees gradually integrate into the community, stabilize their lives and enjoy a brighter future based on knowledge and employment.

In October 2007, a new approach to supporting reintegration was adopted to facilitate a move from a “one size fits all” model towards a model of reintegration assistance that is more tailored to the individual needs of returnees and their families. The approach requires the returnee to provide considerably more information on the activity they propose to engage in, and divides the financial support for business start-up into two installments. The second installment is made only upon a successful evaluation of the business after 6 months. After more than a year of implementation, the new approach has proven to be most effective in addressing specific needs for assistance and has succeeded in improving the chances of returnees reintegrating successfully back into Vietnamese society.