Building Comprehensive Capacity To Combat Migrant Smuggling In Vietnam

Duration: 20 months (2013 -2015)

At the level of Vietnamese national policy, migrant smuggling remains a largely under-explored concept. At the frontline, immigration and border officials often lack the capacity to effectively combat migrant smuggling, in large part due to a lack of understanding of smuggling methods and unfamiliarity with effective means to detect and investigate smuggling activities.

Building Comprehensive Capacity to Combat Migrant Smuggling In Viet Nam will address the requirement to effectively manage Viet Nam’s increasingly diverse regular and irregular migrant flows by addressing two specific needs – one at the level of strategic management, and one at the level of practical implementation

The project consists of two main components that aim to build the capacity of high- and mid-level policy makers and frontline immigration and border officials, respectively. Component 1 will consist of activities to enhance the technical knowledge of policy makers, in order to build their capacity to design effective anti-smuggling policies. Component 2 will involve the development of training tools and training sessions on operational anti-smuggling techniques. The third component bridges the experiences from all project activities and seeks to map ways forward for policy makers.