Expanding and leveraging community based-reintegration support for Vietnamese victims of human trafficking

Duration: 24 months (2013- 2015)

Viet Nam is both a source and destination country for men, women, and children who become victims of trafficking. In 2011, the Government introduced new counter-trafficking legislation and a five-year National Plan of Action (NPA), signalling its commitment to improve the investigation and prosecution of trafficking cases, as well as the identification and protection of victims.

The overall objective of the project is to support enhanced implementation of the National Plan of Action’s recognition of the specific needs of male victims of trafficking, particularly in the areas of return and reintegration. The specific objective is to support the embedding of a gender-sensitive community-based model of reintegration into Viet Nam’s mainstream social protection mechanisms.

To achieve these objectives, IOM will partner with UNICEF to leverage existing activities and undertake new assessment, evaluation and institutionalization activities. The project will seek to demonstrating the value and efficacy of community-based reintegration models in support of male victims of trafficking in Viet Nam. It aims at promoting accessible services that enhance the well-being of victims of trafficking.