Duration: November 2018- Present

Location: Nationwide

Donor/Funding source: International Organization for Migration (IOM), World Health Organization (WHO) and Nippon Foundation through the Sasakawa Endowment Fund

Implementing partners: Department of Medical Service Administration, Ministry of Health, Viet Nam and WHO, Viet Nam

Objectives: Assess migrants’ access to healthcare services and develop recommendations for implementation of the World Health Assembly Resolution 70.15 on Promoting the health of refugees and migrants in line with global commitments.

Brief description of project: Viet Nam has a long history of population movements. Recent census data have indicated an increasing proportion of internal migrants. Viet Nam is also a migrant sending country. There was an estimated 2.6 million Vietnamese living abroad in 2016. Migrants have been identified as vulnerable populations facing disadvantages and numerous barriers related to access and utilization of healthcare in Viet Nam, transit and destination countries.

The Ministry of Health (MOH), Viet Nam has committed to implementing the Resolution 70.15 on Promoting the health of refugees and migrants that was endorsed by the World Health Assembly in May 2017. To achieve the vision of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development based on the principle of “leave no one behind”, it is also imperative that migrants’ health needs are adequately addressed.

MOH, IOM and WHO have embarked on the Situation Analysis of Migrant Health in Viet Nam which aims identify migrants’ needs, gaps and priorities for future planning.

Project activities and its impacts:

Main project activities include literature reviews, interviews with migrants and focus group discussions among stakeholders involved in migrant health in Viet Nam. The result of the project will contribute to development of a Government of Viet Nam endorsed guidance document that outlines strategies and action plans for migrant health. Ultimately, the project will contribute to promoting access to healthcare services for migrants and advance the migrant health agenda in Viet Nam.