Viet Nam Reintegration Model Development

Duration: 1 Year

Location: An Giang

An important development in the efforts to ensure effective return and reintegration of trafficked women has been government policy that includes learning from the experience of international and non-governmental organizations in Viet Nam and globally.

The primary objective of this project is to continue to create and demonstrate a return and reintegration model that has been proven effective and can be used by the government for national expansion. The project’s demonstrative model is the An Giang Department of Labour and Social Affairs (DOLISA) Assessment Center, where trafficked women will be able to stay for two to four weeks in a safe and supportive environment and be assessed by professional staff. The assessment will include determining whether physical or mental health services are necessary, ascertaining what future goals and plans the women have, and assessing interest in participating in vocational training and other support activities.

A critical element of the project will be capacity building, with technical support provided to the provincial DOLISA and other government offices, including the Women’s Union, Health Service, Police, and the Border Guards.

The specific outcomes to be achieved are:

  • Establishing a reintegration model for the national use of the central government;
  • Establishing an operational mechanism with care providers in destination countries and communities of origin for the reception and ongoing care of returned women;
  • Establishing a referral network with care providers in destination countries and communities of origin for the reception and ongoing care of the returned victims.